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2015-10-26 to end of the week.

In progress at the moment: of figuring out when I can place limit orders on half size retracements.

2015-10-12 to end of the week

    1 of 2 2 of 2 What a messy week.  I was trying to enter the half size retracements as well as full size retracements thinking that I wouldn't want to be wasting time sitting there and missing all the smaller trends, but they turned out to be disastrous to the bottom line.

2015-10-5 to end of the week (Net +65.9 pips)

3 entries entered by limit orders and one entry at market, which was a bad move.   I thought I would end this week in a negative but my last short entry saved the week.

2015-09-28 to end of the week (Net +113.2pips)

All trades entered by limit orders.  So far 50% correct. -------- update: 2 more trades below.